Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The True Story of the Hummel Field House

Many buildings on Bethany’s campus have rich, well-known histories about them. The Hummel Field House, though, has a heartwarming story that some Bethanians have not heard.

The Hummel Field House is named after Lawrence (Larry) Hummel (1906-1988), who was a groundskeeper for the College. Mr. Hummel was born and raised on a family farm in Elm Grove in Wheeling, WV, and worked most of his life on the farm until he joined Bethany in 1953. At Bethany, Mr. Hummel could be found working around the campus to make sure it was in pristine condition.

Mr. Hummel was always interested in Bethany’s students and created friendships with them throughout his time working at the College. He acquired an interest in investments and spent some time reading The Wall Street Journal in the school’s library, or through discarded copies that he found on campus. Inheriting a modest sum of money from selling his family’s dairy operation, he invested the funds well. Meanwhile, he lived simply and frugally, saving most of his earnings.

Bethany College officials were astounded when the details of his estate were known after his death in 1988. Mr. Hummel very generously donated approximately $1.3 million to Bethany College through bequests. The College received $800,000 from the will directly and another $500,000 remaining from a trust fund. In his honor and memory, the College named the Field House for him.

Bethany College will always cherish Mr. Hummel for everything he gave to our beautiful College that he considered “family.” I hope his treasured story will continue to be shared so that he may be remembered as a beloved Bethanian who went above and beyond every day for our institution.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bethanian Casey Hamilton visiting with West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin -- talking about the Bethany College article in Wonderful West Virginia.


Good morning,

Spring is now officially upon us and Commencement is just under two months away. This means that the daffodils will soon be blooming all over campus and that it must be time, once again, for Registration.

Registration once meant filling out paper forms and standing in line outside of Cramblet Hall to meet with the Registrar face-to-face to schedule classes. Students would camp out in all kinds of weather to ensure that they enrolled in the classes they needed. Now, students can register for classes from the comfort of their residence-hall rooms via WebAdvisor. The one constant over the years? Students are required to meet with their advisor to discuss class options before registering.

In order to be cleared for registration, students’ advisors notify the Registrar’s Office that they have met and discussed class options. Additionally, if there any outstanding financial obligations, they must be attended to. Otherwise, there may be a delay in registration, which may mean not getting into preferred classes!

Advising will begin on Monday, March 30, 2015. Registration will begin on Monday, April 13, 2015, with students who have completed 94+ credit hours. Students who have at least 60 credit hours completed may begin registering on Tuesday, April 14, and students who have at least 25 credit hours completed will follow on Wednesday, April 15. Students with 24 or fewer credit hours may register beginning Thursday, April 16.

For more information, please contact Lisa Cucarese, Registrar, at lcucarese@bethanywv.edu.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bethany Chapter of Business Honorary Approved

Good morning,

Bethany’s proposed chapter of Sigma Beta Delta international business honorary society has been approved by the St. Louis-based national board of directors, Prof. Anju Ramjee has been informed. The next step is an installation ceremony for the new chapter.

According to the honorary’s website, Sigma Beta Delta honors students in business, management, and administration at institutions which offer baccalaureate and graduate degrees in these fields where the college or university holds accreditation from one of the six regional accrediting bodies but not specialized accreditation in business. Founding chapters of the honorary were established in 1994.

Congratulations to the Department of Business, Communications and Media Arts, faculty and students for this achievement.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Pennington Quadrangle

Good morning,

The Pennington Quadrangle, the area of campus used for Commencement and Matriculation, has a colorful history that many students and faculty do not know about.

In April of 2012, the Quadrangle was dedicated behind Old Main to the family of alumnus John C. Pennington ‘69. The Pennington Family’s association with Bethany College can be traced back more than a generation. John is the son of the late Charles F. Pennington and his wife Margaret (Pinkerton). The Pennington Quad once included a gymnasium, athletic fields, and even military barracks during World War II.’

Next time you walk past the Pennington Quadrangle between classes in Old Main or even during Commencement this May, imagine the Quad many years ago when Bethany was serving other generations. Bethany has evolved and grown over 175 years into a beautiful, historic College that we can all be proud of, and the Pennington Quadrangle has an honored role in that history.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Tradition of Honorary Degrees

Good morning,

When Dr. David Jolliffe, Bethany Class of 1974, received the honorary Doctor of Letters degree recently during this year’s Founder’s Day, he joined a long and distinguished tradition of higher education honoring individuals of distinction, accomplishment, celebrity, or meritorious service.

It is a way for institutions publicly to recognize individuals’ outstanding contributions and to celebrate such achievements for the greater good and inspiration of the college or university and its audience. Recipients may have a close and special relationship with the institution, such as a revered faculty member, member of the alumni association, or trustee, or they may have achieved distinction apart from the life of the campus.

The two occasions when Bethany College confers honorary degrees may be Founder’s Day and Commencement. Not every such ceremony requires an honorary degree to be awarded, but the featured speakers or guests for those occasions frequently are so honored, the highlights of their lives and careers read aloud as the candidates await the placement of an elegant hood upon their person and the receipt of a framed citation proclaiming the conferring of their degree.

The list of Bethany College recipients of honorary degrees is long and impressive, dating back to the 19th century. The names include familiar Bethany personalities such as Pearl Mahaffey (Doctor of Letters, 1946), Oreon E. Scott (Doctor of Laws, 1949), Thomas Buergenthal (Doctor of Laws, 1981), Robert L. Martin (Doctor of Humanities, 1990), and Darline Nicholson (Doctor of Humanities, 2000). Among the celebrities or other famous individuals who have been honored are Richard Nixon (Doctor of Laws, 1957), Lyndon Johnson (Doctor of Laws, 1959), and Gerald Ford (Doctor of Laws, 1982), Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Rogers (Doctor of Humanities, 1961), Milton Friedman (Doctor of Letters, 1971), Tom Poston (Doctor of Letters, 1990), Allan “Bud” Selig (Doctor of Humane Letters, 2008), and Richard L. “Dick” Thornburgh (Doctor of Laws, 2008).

Honorary degrees carry no official duties nor do they recognize specific academic achievements, yet they are among the grand and symbolic traditions that define higher education.

And, yes, they do henceforth confer the title of “Doctor.”

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bethany College to Partner with Disciples of Christ Historical Society

Good morning,

Bethany College will become the new repository for the Disciples of Christ Historical Society (DCHS)/Stone-Campbell archives, central to the history of the formation of the Christian Church. Currently located in Nashville, Tennessee, the archives will be relocated to the Campbell Mansion/Renner Visitors Center complex outside the town of Bethany where visitors and researchers from around the world will be able to access the collection.

After reviewing applications from different institutions, the board of the Historical Society decided that Bethany, so significant in the life of Alexander Campbell and the formation of what is now the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), was the proper choice for the relocation. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was in fact founded at Bethany College by Campbell, who was a leader of the Stone-Campbell Movement. The movement is named after Barton Warren Stone and Alexander Campbell. The archives hold artifacts, records, and numerous documents from the Christian Church and the Stone-Campbell churches.

The Rev. Dr. Todd Adams, Interim President of DCHS, said, “Bethany College is the perfect partner for DCHS, as the Campbell Mansion, Old Meeting House, and God’s acre (Campbell Cemetery) are the perfect backdrop for preserving and sharing the history of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the Stone-Campbell movement.”

Relocation to Bethany will produce job opportunities for student-workers, the use of Historic Bethany, classroom-laboratory partnerships in church history and library science, as well as partnership with the Buffalo Seminary. The Buffalo Seminary is the commissioned ministry and continuing education partnership of Bethany and the West Virginia Region of the Christian Church.

Bethany College is honored to accept this invaluable collection which will further scholarly research and perspective on the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Bethany’s founding denomination.
Enjoyable lunch in the Ogden Dining Hall with Marie DeParis, Senior Vice President of SportsNet New York, and M.E. Yancosek Gamble, Chair of the Business, Communications and Marketing Department.

Heather Ricciuti, The Mary Cutlip Director of Libraries and Learning Resources, and Kathy Shelek-Furbee, Chair of the Social Work Department, receive autographed copies of the book “Women Don’t Ask – The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation and Positive Strategies for Change” by Sara Laschever at the Women and Leadership Dinner in Commencement Hall.
With keynote Sara Laschever and Scarlett Foster at the Women and Leadership Dinner in Commencement Hall. Sara is the author of “Women Don’t Ask – The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation and Positive Strategies for Change.” Scarlett planned and sponsored Women’s Leadership Weekend at Bethany College.

A wonder start to Women's Leadership Weekend with the Recognition Dinner in the Renner Art Gallery. Pictured with Scarlett Foster (Retired Corporate Officer & Vice President of Investor Relations, Monsanto), Neile Miller (Principal of Strategic Associates, LLC), and Jared Rogue (Student Government Association). Scarlett planned and sponsored the weekend; Neile was tonight's featured speaker; and Jared presented the Leadership Awards.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dr. Mary Ellen Komorowski, Professor Emerita of Mathematics, was a special guest at the Kappa Mu Epsilon (National Mathematics Honorary) induction ceremony in Richardson Hall. She is pictured with Adam C. Fletcher, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Advisor of Bethany's Kappa Mu Epsilon Chapter.
Inductees: Dayanara Ramos, Tess Parry, Stanislavsky Peceny, Jacob Riddell, Brandon Trinh, Julia Mouch, Sam Duvall, Neil Verley, Bethany Pohjala, and Daniel Faix at last night's Kappa Mu Epsilon (National Mathematics Honorary) induction ceremony in Richardson Hall.

James Long, Vice President; Prof. Adam Fletcher, Advisor; and Tyler Pannebaker, President, at last night's Kappa Mu Epsilon (National Mathematics Honorary) induction ceremony in Richardson Hall.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Old Main: Past, Present, and Future

Good morning,
The centerpiece of Bethany's historic campus founded in 1840, Old Main hosts numerous academic programs, concerts, convocations, and campus functions; its Commencement Hall (1871) has been the site of addresses by several U.S. Presidents, including Garfield, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, as well as other national and international dignitaries.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and renowned as one of America's finest examples of collegiate Gothic architecture, Old Main was constructed in 1858, replacing the original college building which had burned the previous year. The design of Old Main was in two phases: "Society Hall," the east wing which served the literary societies and their libraries and later became the Earl W. Oglebay Hall of Agriculture, and the second wing (Commencement Hall), completed after the Civil War, which functioned over the years as a chapel, gymnasium, dormitory, and auditorium.

Today the building houses numerous classrooms, seminar rooms, laboratories, faculty and administration offices, as well as Commencement Hall; the second-floor Academic Parlour where lectures, receptions, and special gatherings are held; the Trustee Board Room, and the Trustee Hall of Fame Room. Restoration from 1976 through 1984 included roof and exterior work, restoration of Commencement Hall, installation of the Alumni Walk in front of the building, and renovation of classrooms, the Academic Parlour, and the Office of the President. The Kirkpatrick Hall of Life Sciences (formerly the Oglebay Hall of Agriculture) was dedicated in 1999 after millions of dollars in renovations, and in 2000-2001, the upper section of the Tower of Old Main was removed, restored, and returned to the Tower.

To ensure its continued use as a viable structure in the heart of campus and its role as the signature structure of Bethany College, Old Main preservation is a priority amid ongoing, campus-wide evaluation of the condition, usage, and efficiency of all College facilities.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Harald Menz Honored as Finalist for Professor of the Year

Good morning,

Dr. Harald J.A. Menz, Professor of World Languages and Cultures, Director of International Studies and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Co-Chair of the Department of Humanities, was recognized last night in Charleston, WV, as one of five finalists for The Faculty Merit Foundation of West Virginia Professor of the Year. This is the fourth time in six years that a Bethany professor has been chosen for this honor. Previous honorees have included Dr. Jay Buckelew, Dr. John Burns, and Dr. Lisa Reilly.

Dr. Menz has been a member of Bethany’s faculty since 1994, teaching many different classes such as German, German literature and civilization, and elementary Spanish, as well as first-year seminar courses. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Padagogische Hochschule, West Germany, and the M.A. and Ph.D. from West Virginia University.

Dr. Menz has been recognized many times at Bethany for his outstanding teaching, such as receiving The President’s Award for Excellence in Performance, the International Association of University Presidents’ 2013 International Education Faculty Achievement Award, and the John R. Taylor Memorial Award in the Liberal Arts. Dr. Menz has guided many study-abroad groups to many countries in multiple continents, where he shares his influential insights with students. He is also advisor to the German Club, Frisbee Club, and Phi Kappa Tau.

I am honored and very pleased to have worked with Dr. Menz throughout my years at Bethany, and am very appreciative of all the hard work he has put forth to make Bethany a college that offers so many cultural opportunities to students. Congratulations again to him, and all of the finalists, for this very honored recognition.
So proud of our "superstar" professor Dr. Harald J. A. Menz, center, who was recognized as a finalist for West Virginia Merit Foundation Professor of the Year at the Culture Center Great Hall in Charleston tonight. Harald was presented a check for $1,000 by James E. Casto, President of the Faculty Merit Foundation. Harald is Professor of World Languages and Cultures, Director of International And Interdisciplinary Studies, and Co-Chair of the Department of Humanities.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dedication to Bethany

Good morning,

As graduation is quickly approaching, I am hopeful that seniors are confident in their education and are looking forward to all that lies ahead. Graduates of Bethany go in many different directions, some becoming prominent and well-known figures in their fields. As part of our celebration of Bethany’s 175th anniversary year, I would like to point out just a few of these Bethanians who are well known for their successes.

Dave Sims (’75) works as a broadcaster for the Seattle Mariners, and has been with the Mariners for the past eight seasons. While at Bethany, he played as the catcher on the baseball team and majored in mass communications. Sims focuses on play-by-play duties on Mariners television broadcasts, but is also known for calling Major League Baseball and college basketball games for ESPN, as well as NFL play-by-play on Westwood One/CBS Radio Sports, including NFC playoff games. Sims is a two-time Emmy Award winner and co-hosts "Basketball & Beyond with Coach K" for XM Satellite Radio with Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Faith Daniels (’79) has worked as a TV Anchor for “CBS Early Morning News” (1982), “Dateline NBC” (1992) and “NBC News at Sunrise” (1983). At the age of 27, Daniels became one of the youngest national news anchors. While at Bethany, she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. She started her television reporting career at WTRF-TV, Channel 7, just down the road in Wheeling, West Virginia. In 1991, she became the first journalist to host her own national daily talk show, “A Closer Look” (1991), which aired on NBC.

We are proud of the accomplishments of all of our alumni, but Dave Sims and Faith Daniels are two alumni who not only continue to achieve success but who also have given back to Bethany, mentoring our current students in those fields.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lunch today at Christman Manor to formulate plans for our new partnership with the DOC: http://www.bethanywv.edu/about-bethany/news/2014-15-news-archive/bethany-college-partner-disciples-christ-historical-society/ Pictured (from left): Sven de Jong (Senior Vice President), Rev. Todd Adams (‎Associate General Minister and Vice President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and Rev. Thad Allen, Regional Minister for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Welcome Back from Break!

Good morning,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing Spring Break, and that you are refreshed for the second part of the semester. Also, I’m sure we’re all happy to welcome back more moderate weather. A special thanks to our buildings and grounds crew and many other staff members who have worked so hard this winter to keep our doors open and our campus secure.

Please watch our website (www.bethanywv.edu) and Green Box announcements for updates on activities and special events throughout the remainder of the semester. You can also follow me on Twitter at @BethanyCollege1, Instagram prezscottmiller, and Facebook! Click the icons below to start following now. 

Have a safe and productive rest of Spring Term!
Enjoyable afternoon at Estero Vines Country Club with Bethany College Alumni and Friends. Top: John '53 and Janet Bendall (it was Janet's birthday). Below: Dr. Anne Wells '73 and Dr. Charlie Vavrina '71.
Bison Umar Moore earns NCAA All-American...again:http://www.bethanywv.edu/…/umar-moore-captures-second-all-…/

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sven de Jong (Bethany Senior Vice President) and I enjoyed lunch today with Nancy Ratcliffe '44 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Nancy was the President of the Bethany Alumni Council in the early 1970s.

Great turnout for the Bethany Alumni and Friends dinner at The Vinoy in St. Petersburg, Florida. Pictured with Zacaree Everhart ('14) and Don Wells ('43), representing the earliest and most recent graduates in attendance.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Great to see Bethanians Kevin and Joyce King at tonight's Bethany College Alumni and Friends Dinner in Clermont, Florida. The Kings, natives of the Pittsburgh area, now live in Florida most of the year. That's Sven de Jong, Senior Vice President, joining us for the picture.
Capped an enjoyable day with another wonderful turnout at the annual Bethany Alumni, Friends and Parents of softball players dinner at Oakwood Smokehouse and Grill near Clermont, Florida. Pictured with two of my favorites -- Jan Forsty, head softball coach, and Emily Jump, assistant coach. With three wins so far this season, Jan is just 12 wins shy of 700 for her career. I remember Emily and her family from our time in Delaware. She had four amazing seasons as a player and is now a graduate student and assistant coach.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Enjoyable visit with noted author, former President of CASE, and ex-president of Towson University Jim Fisher at his home in Vero Beach, FL.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Enjoyed visiting with Bruce '80 and Susan (Klein) Stone '82 of Green Cove Springs, Florida at the Bethany College Alumni, Friends, and Baseball Parents dinner at Cobb's Landing in Ft. Pierce. Bruce was active in Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Karen Phi Mu while at Bethany.
With Bill McLuckie, father of Bethany pitcher Bill McLuckie, at the Bethany College alumni, friends and parents of baseball players gathering at Cobb's Landing in Fort Pierce, Florida.
With Bethany Trustee Lew Wheeler and Trustee Emeritus Eugene Miller '47 at the Bethany College Alumni and Friends Luncheon at St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida.
With Morgan Minor '12 and Eugene Miller '47 at the Bethany College Alumni and Friends luncheon at the St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Special thanks to Eugene (and Thelma) for hosting the event. Morgan is an honors grad who now lives in Miami.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Jessica Skywatcher did a terrific job hosting the Pittsburgh area Bethany College Alumni and Friends 175th Celebration at the Rivertowne North Shore. Twenty nine similar celebrations were held across the country. Joining us for the picture is Bethany Trustee Gary Novak. #bethanywalkabouts #bethany175
Professor Kenn Morgan (left center) hosted a 175 Years of Bethany College Art Show and faculty/staff social in the Renner Art Gallery. Annie and Ben Arikian joined us for the picture. #bethanywalkabouts #bethany175
President-emeritus D. Duane Cummins was the speaker at the wreath laying ceremony that was moved from the Campbell Cemetery to Benedum Commons because of the weather.
Something for everyone at the Snow Carnival.

Zeta Tau Alpha pride during Snow Carnival.
Lots of tubing and sledding on Hoag Field hill during Snow Carnival.
Professor Aaron Anslow with his ice sculpture (on the Richardson Hall lawn) during Snow Carnival.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pictured with Andrew Lewis, Director of Residence Life; Rachael Ferrise, Brooke County Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator; and Jason Rine, Extension Agent with WVU Extension Services of Brooke County. They hosted a Spring Break Safety and Healthy Tips Program along with Bethany Health Services in the Ogden Dinning Hall Wednesday.

Bethany College is 175 years old!

Good morning,

It’s been one and three-quarter centuries since Alexander Campbell established this mountaintop campus, the oldest institution of higher education in West Virginia and one of the oldest liberal arts colleges in the nation.

We are today West Virginia’s only national liberal arts college, and a true leader in American higher education.

Established in wilderness before a transportation infrastructure was in place or even envisioned, the College saw its earliest students arrive on horseback, by stagecoach, even by trolley for a time, and eventually over the rugged forerunners of today’s two-lane highways.

Today, this small liberal arts college continues to fulfill the goals of our founder—a vision of personal achievement and intellectual and spiritual fulfillment—while adapting programs to the needs of a global, knowledge-based economy.

More than 22,000 alumni have gone forth to become national and international leaders. They include (to name a few):

David Jolliffe, author and professor at the University of Arkansas, and our speaker this morning.
Bob McCann, CEO of UBS Group Americas;
Jeffrey Seglin, a Harvard lecturer and ethicist;
Thomas Buergenthal, a former judge of the International Court of Justice;

I look forward to seeing you at our many Founders Day events.

Bethany Trolley Once Connected Wellsburg and Campus

Good morning,

The Town of Bethany and Bethany College have such a rich history, including many accounts of Bethany’s past that some have not heard. For example, those driving to the nearby town of Wellsburg undoubtedly have noticed the opening through the hill that is marked by a historic sign. This spot was the location of tunnels that were once along the route of the Wellsburg, Bethany, & Washington Railroad.

The railroad was actually a trolley line, designed in the early 1900’s to bring students to Bethany, thereby increasing enrollment, and to open the area to further economic development. Not only was the railway a convenience for students and other passengers, who often enjoyed it for an excursion, but it also delivered milk, cattle, and food to the College and surrounding areas.

The first trolley rolled into Bethany on Sunday morning, June 7, 1908, during the College’s Baccalaureate. The event was celebrated by President T.E. Cramblet (an early booster of the railway), students, faculty, and town residents as a “great day for Bethany.”

Viaducts and trestles had been constructed for the trolley cars to run on, including framework that ran along the current Coal Bowl area. Remains of the elevated portion of the trolley line can still be glimpsed along Route 67. The trolley ran for some 17 years until a bus line was established and the costly and increasingly unreliable rail system was retired.

Although the name of the railway was “The Wellsburg, Bethany, and Washington Railroad,” the line never actually made it to Washington, PA, despite the hopes of its founders. Yet it continues in history and local legend as a prominent part of the Bethany College story.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

T.W. Phillips Memorial Library: Vibrant Resource for the Entire Campus

Good morning,

Bethany College’s T.W. Phillips Memorial Library serves the campus and local community by helping users identify, select, access, and evaluate information resources. Library holdings include more than 250,000 physical items and extensive electronic resources. Notable archival and special collections include the Campbell Archives, the Upper Ohio Valley Collection, and The Grace Ryland and William Henry Robinson Children’s Library.

As a member of the Appalachian College Association (ACA), Bethany also has access to a core collection of more than 100,000 eBook titles and eight database collections through the Bowen Central Library of Appalachia. Bethany also contributes archival and historical materials to the ACA’s Digital Library of Appalachia.

The library serves as a student hub throughout the day, providing a comfortable atmosphere for studying, watching movies, playing board games, accessing the Internet, and more. Over the last several semesters, the library has rearranged existing furniture and added new seating to create a more effective and welcoming environment with a collection of individual and group study spaces.

Technology offerings at the library have also expanded. In addition to providing traditional desktop computers for research, the library added 12 Google Chromebooks through the generous support of the Bethany College Alumni Council to give students additional options for accessing online resources, as well as a digital collaboration space where students can work on group projects. The library also provides Wi-Fi access to the campus network, copiers, and printers.

As a student-centered organization, the library includes a diverse selection of popular films, leisure novels, and magazines for the campus community. A large comment and suggestion board is used to gather information about other resources and services students would like to see.

The T.W. Phillips Memorial Library also hosts a variety of campus programs throughout the year. Upcoming events include the second annual Easter Egg Hunt held in conjunction with Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society for education, and the Student Alumni Association, the National Library Week Celebration from April 12-18 featuring the extremely popular Donut Day, and free snacks and refreshments during the final exam period.

There really is something for everyone at the library. A staff of friendly, skilled librarians and student employees are available to help you with your information needs.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Our good friend Bethanian Dave Sims (right) on the final show of the season for "MLB Now." Another favorite of mine, John Smoltz (left). Dave is the TV Voice of the Seattle Mariners, National voice of NFL Sunday Afternoon Football & the NCAA on the Westwood One Radio Network. Dave now heads to Peoria, Arizona, for the Mariners Spring training.

With Shawn Stewart, Megan Lindley and Catherine Breault before the start of Relay for Life at Sandwen Arena.

Bethanians Marc and Joyce Chernenko at the start of Relay for Life. Marc is a member of the Bethany Board of Trustees.
Rhianna Petrone again did a terrific job as Chair of the Bethany College Relay for Life. Advisor to the group is Kenn Morgan, Jennie Steindorf Renner Chair of Fine Arts.
Alaina Roberts and Mariah Moore at the ENGAGE Conference today at West Virginia Wesleyan. The ENGAGE Conference of Leadership for Change is geared toward college students who are passionate about developing their leadership skills to affect positive social change in their communities

Bethany Memorial Church: A Tradition Open to All

Good morning,

Here in Bethany, where paths cross and journeys begin, our founding denomination the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has maintained a congregational presence dating back to the earliest days of the community and the College.

Bethany has a long history of uniting the ministry of the local church congregation with the mission of the College. As our website points out, Alexander Campbell, the founder of Bethany College, was the leading influence in America’s largest indigenous religious movement, known variously as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), churches of Christ, and the Christian Church. The tradition of integrating the ministry of the local Disciples church with the mission and programs of the College continues today.

The current church building, Bethany Memorial Church, celebrated its centennial last year, and maintains an active presence in our community. The Rev. Scott C. Thayer is the Minister of Bethany Memorial Church and Chaplain of Bethany College. An earlier site of the local church, the Old Meeting House (1851-1915), is also still used for services as well as special events.

Part of the mission of Bethany Memorial Church is to help engage students in a shared ministry, designed to be "to and with students." Bethany Memorial is a "church home away from home," open to all students and faculty, offering them the nurturing and support they need as well as providing worship opportunities. The Church also collaborates with the College through such programs as Buffalo Seminary, the Oreon E. Scott Lectures (named for an 1892 summa cum laude graduate and former Trustee of Bethany College), and special events, commemorations, and celebrations throughout the academic year.