Saturday, August 29, 2015

I am pleased to introduce the first Virginia Wesleyan College President's Assistants (students) during my tenure as president here: Mario Thourogood, a junior business major, and Connor Pederson, a junior Psychology major.

This is a program that has been close to my heart since 1998. It provides an opportunity for students to work with the President of the College and office staff on projects that support the mission and purpose of Virginia Wesleyan College. Typically, Presidential Assistants/Associates do not receive academic credit, unless they make arrangements through their department to complete departmental internship requirements. They do receive a wage and usually work 10-15 hours per week. The number hired in a given semester is dependent on a range of factors, but I have utilized from two to 10 in any semester. Most Presidential Assistants/Associates are appointed for the academic year and they can be re-appointed for additional years.

Projects and responsibilities include: Presidential communication, legislative research, social media, student leadership program, athletics and recreation, walkabouts, Greek life, diversity, presidential archives.