Monday, August 31, 2015

Nota Bene: Health Screenings

As you know, Virginia Wesleyan College joined the Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium, previously the CICV, on January 1, 2014. As part of our membership, the consortium provides us with a part-time on site health coach who visits our College twice per month for private consultations. Enrolled spouses are also eligible. 
Additionally, the consortium provides annual biometric screenings to ALL eligible employees and spouses enrolled in our medical insurance. Our screenings are scheduled for October 13, 14 and 15 and will occur in the CMAC. Should an employee and/or spouse participate in the annual biometric screening, or have their physician submit the required information, AND complete our online health assessment survey, the participating employee and spouse are each eligible for a $15 monthly credit towards the medical premium. Therefore, should both the employee and spouse participate, a $30 monthly credit is applied. Eligibility begins January 1 of each year. 
I encourage you and your and spouse to register for one of the screening dates. I also encourage you to attend one of the two Town Hall meetings scheduled for Wednesday, September 9 to discuss our upcoming screening process. 
Once we, as employees, have completed the biometric screening, we are then eligible to participate in wellness challenges offered by the College and administered through beBetter Health, another resource offered through the consortium. We sponsor quarterly prizes for participants which typically include Target gift cards or items from our bookstore.
Joining the consortium has certainly provided us with resources that have been very beneficial to our employees and their families. Thanks to Karla Rasmussen, our director of human resources, for coordinating this for all of us.